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Journey Healing Center

Journey Healing Centers can help you find your way out of addiction and navigate your course to a bountiful life in recovery.

At Journey, they believe that recovery flourishes in a comfortable, warm and naturally beautiful environment. With their welcoming, lodge-style facilities in the foothills of the beautiful Wasatch mountains and their integrative treatment program, they offer a truly holistic path to recovery.

They believe that addiction is a chronic, progressive disease that requires multifaceted treatment designed to heal body, mind and spirit. Clients receive treatment from a multidisciplinary team that includes a psychiatric nurse practitioner and master’s level therapists with a broad spectrum of specialized training and experience in both western and eastern treatment approaches. 

More often than not, addictions are either caused or fueled by an underlying condition, such as anxiety, depression or emotional trauma. Yet most addiction programs only treat the addiction, ignoring the underlying issues. Journey is home to an integrated dual diagnosis treatment program. Clients receive intensive one-on-one treatment sessions each week by a master’s level, licensed therapist, enabling them to focus not only on their addiction but on the underlying issues contributing to the addiction. Individual sessions are supplemented with task-oriented group therapy.

Their therapists utilize evidence-based approaches for treating addiction, including cognitive and 12-Step strategies, as well as a wide range of holistic therapies, including numerous forms of guided meditation and experiential therapy. They also provide a comprehensive aftercare program with alumni meetings and telephone support. The aftercare program has spawned a lively and engaged alumni community that meets regularly for social events and fellowship.

At Journey they know that recovery is hard work, but that in the right hands, it is transformational. They take pleasure in reintroducing their clients to the here and now and to the person they are capable of becoming. They get outside for nature walks, yoga, dance and other types of experiential therapy, and out into the community for service projects. These are some of the other ways that at Journey, recovery is different. 

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