Take the Oath

Vets can take the I Choose to Live Oath and share it on social media. This is an extension of our Oath to serve our great country, which we take for life!

Take the Oath

Take the oath

WHAT is the oath?

We at American Soldier Network have found that most veterans if not all live by the oath they took to serve even after they leave their military career. In that same vein we have created the I Choose To Live Oath to be taken and shared with fellow brothers/sisters. A positive message, declaring the choice to live, support, heal.

The Oath

I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

I choose to appreciate each day.

I choose not to let my demons get the best of me.

I choose to buddy check those I can get in touch with.

I choose to reach out when I feel things are getting tough. 

I choose to count my blessings NOT my battles.

I choose to believe I am worthy.

I choose to stay plugged into those who support me.

I choose to be there for my brothers/ sisters.

I choose to not abuse my body, substances and the like.

I choose to stay grounded in faith, family & brotherhood. I choose to LIVE!


Upload a video on your social media of you taking the “I Choose to Live” Oath Challenge your fellow veterans & military to do the same. Tag:

  • lnstagram @AmericanSoldierNetwork
  • Facebook /AmericanSoldierNetwork
  • Twitter@forRtroops #lchooseTOLive #WeDOThisTogether #OathChallenge

Every great journey begins with that first step and we are praying this gets those struggling and those who have been fighting some dark demons to take that first step.

You can email a request to  info@americansoldiernetwork.org for I Choose to Live Oath cards to have and share with others.

We Do This Together. Healing Happens.